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<33 :-D

Everday i think about
All the love you*ve given me
All the ways you show your lovin
It drives me crazy
Everday our love grows stronger:-)
I love you Danny :-*

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

So Maine with Cait was fun, it was good to get away & it wasnt too long..

we came back Sunday & i worked.. which i was happy about bc its time and a 1/2 :-P.. Monday i worked & i went out with Danny afterwards then my mom was mad bc i didnt have a ride home from his hosue so she didnt come to get me til 1am haha, Tuesday me danny steve & nikki went to 6 flaggs for the 2nd time.. then today danny & his mom picked me up really early.. went out to breakfeast.. met up with Ray & Amien.. amien let me drive his car :-D.. then we went to Casey pool or w/e it is, hung out @ Dannys.. then i work 3-10, then danny ray angie & amien picked me up chilled for a bit then danny & josh brought me home :-P.. now im just chillen bc my mom broke her foot so she needed my help i guess :-/.. tomorrow im working 245-7 which isnt bad i need the $$ so im trying to pick up extra time :-P

Posted at 7/28/2005 11:01:32 pm by xobabiigur1ox
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Thursday, July 21, 2005
:-D :-D

I GOT MY LICENSE :-D im so excited

Yesterday danny called & woke me up @ 730 to go to Buzzards Bay down the cape so of course I went but he only had his dads truck, just us.. well he couldn’t fit anyone else in his dads truck anyways.. so we got down there & all of a sudden decided that we should go to Marthas Vineyard, so we found our way there.. got on the boat for a 45 min drive & got off on the island.. we both had no idea what it was gunna be like & you really need a car or something over there but we walked to the beach which is like right there.. went swimming walked around in the town that was right there, went shopping.. we were gunna rent a moped but we decided not too haha then we went & had a picnic in this big grass field haha, went for a quick swim then got back on the ferry it was a long but really fun day.. but next time I think we should plan it out & go earlier & bring your car bc you can drive it on the boat but it cots a lotta $$ but anyways

This past weekend was a lotta fun, the picnic :-P.. Saturday i went to Dannys for the day, then Ray picked us up & me danny angie ray & amien drank @ Angies.. then went to the picnic & i guess thats all there is to say bc i dont remember much, i just know i had a wicked good time :-p

Sunday afternoon Ray picked me up & i chilled with him Angie & Amien then we went to the picnic & i met up with Danny.. just had a couple drinks & had a good time.. it def. wasnt as good as the ntie before tho but thats okay.. we left there at like 1045-11ish, & i went back to Angies.. i guess there was supposed to be a party in Uxbridge so i was gunna go & danny came to pick me up but it was in Douglas & we didnt feel like driving that far so me & danny jsut talked for a while then i slept @ Angies, then he got dropped off there @ like 9 in the morning!! without telling us, so we hung out for a bit then Angie brought me & danny to his house bc she hadda work & me and danny did absolutly nothing alll day, we both took showers & just bummed it out alllll day, i did my laundry &everything there so i was just in dannys comfy clothes all day laying around haha doing Nothing!

Yesterday.. Danny & Spencer came over we went swimming & shit it was fun then i got called into work around 5ish so i went & got out @ 8 i need $$ so i was glad they called then i went out with Danny afterwards..

Today im leaving for Maine with Cait instead bc Dannys going to Florida now so next time i go up hes coming with us, but it all worked out really good i cant wait to go for some reason :-D

Ill update after we get back :-P

Posted at 7/21/2005 12:07:25 pm by xobabiigur1ox
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Saturday, July 16, 2005
I love the summerrr

Everything has been going really good.. I love the summer

Last week I slept over Caits & we went on some adventures :-X hahah then she slept over 2 nites.. danny steve angie & ray came over to go swimming.. then Wednesday I went to 6 flaggs.. me danny ray angie & amy, it was a lotttta fun.. we didn’t get back til like 1130ish tho & I hadda work the next morning.. it wasn’t bad tho.. then I went to Dannys & hung out with him for a while.. yesterday I just sat around.. slept really late, went car shopping with my dad then went out with Danny.. today is the picnic, that should be fun.. im waiting for my dad to bring me to dannys now so we can go to allisons and start drinking :-P

I get my license THIS Thursday.. its about time :-D considering i coulda gotten it like 3 months ago, then that nite I leave for Maine with Danny til probably Tuesday, I cant wait bc he came up in the winter a bunch of times & I taught him how to ski & took him snowmobiling for his first time ever & now im gunna take him tubing, knee boarding & jet skiing for his first time, itll be a lotta fun i cant wait.. then him & steve lowry are going to Florida to visit Mike & Dan & now that Steve has a car hes gunna let me drive them to the airport & i get to use his car for the week :-D so thats good bc i can save up a little more :-P

Posted at 7/16/2005 2:53:10 pm by xobabiigur1ox
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Friday, July 08, 2005
summer timmee 8-)

Havent updated in a while bc i just spent 6 days in Maine.. i didnt get home til like 1115ish last nite bc we stopped at like every car dealership on the way home & i put a deposit on this car i liked so we'll see what happens.. as soon as i got home danny was here waiting for me bc he couldnt go to maine bc he hadda work :-/ .. but oh well.. instead he went to hampton beach on july 4th & he got me a new pair of sun glasses since be broke mine, 2 picture frames, this really cute thingy that says i love you, a candle.. idk and some other stuff :-P

Today i hadda work but i went with danny to the car dealer ship bc he got another new car.. a silver toyota celica its wickedd niice then i went to his house & worked 4-10.. i got tomrorow off all day but i guess its not supposed to be that nice out then i have to work sunday nite, tuesday nite and thursday morning.. so ill update laterr

Whoooo i get my license in 12 days :-D

Posted at 7/8/2005 11:10:14 pm by xobabiigur1ox
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Monday, June 27, 2005

SO i havent updated in a while but Summers here :-D i love it.. every weekend for the past 8 weeks ive been sleeping at dannys.. and everyday i have been just chillen out.. dannys been working full time but he already took 2 days off this summer, i havent really been working that much but i def. need to because im getting my license in 24 days :-D

Danny took Wednesday off so we went to the zoo in prov. with angie ray laila & her boyfriend.. then we went to the mall & i got a bunch of new clothes.. he also took thursday off but i forget what we did haha.. this weekend was basically the first weekend of summer & it was wicked good, Friday nite i had to work til 9 then dannys brother had a party so we went there.. Saturday i was supposed to work but i called in & me danny cait & steve went to hampton beach.. & his brother was there with some of his friends.. it was fun we came home went to Allisons grad. party then i came home i was gunna sneak out but i was wayy to tired so i jsut went to bed haha then sunday danny & steve lowery came over we went swimmin went to Norwood then went to Justines w/Mike.. then later we all went to Caits for a bit then we went to Spencers haha after all that i slept @Dannys but we had to wake up @ 6 this morning!! i went to his dads house bc i couldnt go home that early & his mom was supposed to pick me up but his dad said i had a ride home then i fell asleep & didnt wake up til 1030 & his mom was in framingham & i had NO ride homee!! so i called a bunch of people & ray ended up giving me a ride home.. now today i have to work just 230-830

This weekend = 4th of july & maine with danny to go tubing & knee boarding :-P i def. cant wait

Posted at 6/27/2005 12:55:37 pm by xobabiigur1ox
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Monday, June 06, 2005
Summers almost here! thank god

Well i havent updated in a while, and a lot of shit has changed well @ home..

Monday nite i got in a fight with my dad, so i tried leaving& he decided to slam the door on my finger so my mom took me to the er.. they had to stiche my nail back on & i got some other stiches & they had to drill a hole through my nail.. it hurts wicked bad

Tuesday.. was back in the er but in worcester bc my doctors thought what the guy did was wrong & i needed to see a handsurgen.. that was the longest day/nite ever

Wednesday.. i came home & rested

Thursday, chilled with my baby then when he brought me home my dad was home & like the asshole that he is started all this shit.. which made everything worse between my parents bc they were already fighting about it.. shes been sticking up for me & thinks hes wrong :)

Friday>.. i went out with danny, went to chinese buffet.. chilled @ his dads house & went to my grandmothers around 11 bc i had work in the morning..<p> Saturday- worked 8-2.. it was soo hott out!.. came home..got ready, danny picked me up we went to caits for britts graduation party .. everyone was drinking & chillen so we stayed there for a while left for like an 1 1/2 hour.. went to dannys dads house met up with people & went to dave's.. then went back to caits, by then i was drunk haha.. tommy was driving bc danny was too, went to caits drank a little more then there was a fight @ like 1 in the morning & tommys like lets get outta here so since i was drunk i just listened even tho i really wanted to stay there.. so we went back to dannys & i passed out soooo fast!

Sunday= sooooo hott!!.. went to graduation with danny cait & steve then we went to Caits & went swimming haha it was sooo hott, then we got ready went to Hanleys around 7ish chilled there for a while.. my mom picked me & cait up.. we went to davids party for just a little bit.. then danny & steve picked us back up & that was basically it.. we went to steves & came home around 11

Today = driving time.. then on Wednesday & Saturday, then i get my certificate & i make my app. to get my license!! oh shittt :-D

Posted at 6/6/2005 5:40:10 am by xobabiigur1ox
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Monday, May 30, 2005
It cant get any better than this :-D

Last week went by really fast, & so didnt this weekend :(

last week Monday i had off so i chilled @ dannys dads house with him tommy kevin spencer & amine tuesday i worked wednesday.. i just went out with danny thursday i worked

Friday i went to Caits house @10ish.. we chilled til danny & steveL went there at like 1am.. then @ 2ish we left.. me danny & steve slept @dnnys moms, i had to wake up early for an interview then went out.. came here for a bit had a little cook out haha me danny spencer & steve :-P then i had to work 6-10, danny picked me up.. we went to some kids graduation party & got kicked out an hour later bc dannys friend was smoking outta his bowl & the kid said it was dannys so they kicked him out too?! but w/e.. we chilled with Cait & Steve for a bit then me danny & steveL just went back to dannys but me & danny didnt go to bed til 5am! So after that longg nite danny woke me up @ 10!!. chilled then we went to framingham with dustin to bring steve home.. then from framingham I drove home :-P.. went to Dustins then to my house bc my brother wanted to smoke real bad haha chilled here then i went to Dannys house & watched a movie w/his mom & we cooked food on the grill even tho we both didnt no how to start the grill.. but we had dinner all ready by the time danny got outta the gym & came home :-P.. the 3 of us ate.. watched another movie, went to Aliysas house & she had a couple people over.. then met up with a couple people later, & came here.. danny & my brother smoked again we watched a movie & the 3 of us passed out on the couch til danny woke me up 2 hours later to go to bed upstairs but then we were wide awake so we stayed up from like 4am-6 layed down had a long talk & fell asleep in my comfy bed together :-P.. all to find out that danny had to work @ 10am! ha so he went to work & i slept til 3!!!!!

Im excited i have drving time next week, then i just have to wait for my certifcate to come in the mail & i can get my lisence :-D im getting soo good too bc danny hates driving so im always driving his car everywhere so now i cant wait to get my lisence :-D!!!!

Posted at 5/30/2005 6:25:08 pm by xobabiigur1ox
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Sunday, May 22, 2005

The rest of this weekend was awsomeee! :-P

Yesterday i went with danny for a while ran some errands, then went to his house & chilled.. then my mom said i could sleep @ Caits!!!! So danny brought me steve & mike there.. we chilled, drank then danny picked us up @ 1130ish and we went to his house bc he was having a big partyyy :-P.. i was drunk.. danny was buzzing it was fun.. by 3am everyone was leaving.. so i ended up passing out on the couch for like 20 mins i woke up everyone was gone & danny had cleaned.. he walked me upstairs half asleep.. tucked me in & we both passed outtt :-P .. we woke up @ 9ish, picked up cait & steve then went out for breakfeast :-)

Today i came home & passed out right away from like 1230-5ish haha, im still tired but danny called & woke me up to tell me Jim was cooking dinner & wanted me to eat over.. so of course i got right up bc Jimbo is the best cooker ever!! now im just waiting for danny to get here so i can go eattttt :-D

Posted at 5/22/2005 6:24:03 pm by xobabiigur1ox
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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Everythings been really good i cant complain..

different with danny not being in school but summers almost here & im just getting use to it, i havent updated in a while but everythings the same.. just with danny everyday :-P..

last weekend was a lotta fun.. went to the relay with danny, went to his dads bc tommy was having people over.. went to caits then i slept over dannys.. saturday nite i worked and then went out with danny & sunday i worked then went fishing with danny tommy &josh.. which was the funniest thing ever.

This week was all mcas.. it really wasnt that bad, then biology next week tues & wedn.. this weeks gone by fast been.. with danny everyday of course<33 Then tonite, we went to his dads with tommy & spencer.. drive in, dannys house &some other places.. now its like 2am.. danny just brought me home but im not tired for some reason?.. im hoping tomoro they will call to say i can do driving time bc i wanna get my license!!

Next weekend, is gunna be crazy.. even tho i do have to work 6-10 saturday NiTE!!.. but my parents are going away once again & leaving me home i cant wait :-D..

Posted at 5/21/2005 1:58:06 am by xobabiigur1ox
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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Well this week hasnt been to exciting.. danny was suspended mon-wedn. & now hes decided to drop out :-/.. after explaing it tho i do think its for the better, he can get a good job now, take his GED next month & then go to a community college in the fall.. which isnt bad.. i thot it was but people told us how like you can pick your own scheudle (i cant spell it) and he only has a couple classes a day, so he can plan to have them in the morning so he can still pick me up from school everyday even tho ill have my lisence.. & its not like hes gunna be living there so it'll all work outt :-P..

But other than that ive been with my love everyday :-P .. well tuesday & thursday i worked, its not bad tho bc he came in to visit in the store then on my 15 min break & then brought me food on my 30 :-D

AND wednesday was a year for me & danny :-P.. we actually didnt do much, went out to eat with him dustin & tatiana then we went back to his house.. then later his brother came down so we chilled with him..

This weekend i dont really know whats going on, Friday i went out with danny after school, went to his house for a while then came here to eat then i ended up showering & we went out for a bit.. then there was nothing going on so it sucked so me & danny just ended up coming back here for a while.. its supposed to rain all weekend which really sucks but what im gunna go shower bc dannys on his way to pick me up :-P

Posted at 5/7/2005 12:04:17 pm by xobabiigur1ox
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